(care, replacement, return, damage, etc.)

  • How can I change my shirt if it’s the wrong size?

    There are two ways. The easiest option is to fill in the replacement form included in the package and send the goods back to Jellyfish s.r.o., Dělnická 191/27
    170 00 Praha 7.
    The second option is (if you’ve already thrown away the complaint form that you received in the package) write to us at niky@jellyfish.cz about your problem. Our colleagues respond promptly, even on weekends.

  • I would like a refund for the goods

    You don’t like the product, it doesn’t suit you or meet your expectations? We’ll refund your money. Just send the goods back undamaged, and not worn. Include the account number (or address in case of a postal order refund) that you wish the refunded money to be sent. Your money will be refunded within a week.

  • How long does it take for a replacement product when it doesn’t fit?

    We deal with the replacement as soon as the package with the goods and the complaint form is delivered, stating what you want to replace, and what you want to replace it with. If the replacement is urgent, just write to niky@jellyfish.cz and we’ll take care of everything.

  • Who pays the postage when I want replacement goods?

    We pay for the correction and the postage if you received different goods, different size or different colour. You pay the postage on products ordered and delivered correctly that really don’t suit you.

  • How soon must I return the purchased goods?

    A frequently asked question that can’t be unambiguously answered. According to law, within 14 days without giving a reason. However, it’s a little different in our country. If the product doesn’t fit you, or is an unwanted gift or simply isn’t what you expected, it can even be returned 3 months after ordering. If it isn’t a customised product (T-shirt, hoodie), that is, according to your print design, and hasn’t been washed, worn, or otherwise damaged.

  • I’m missing details in my order

    Haven’t receive an information order email? Haven’t you received a confirmation text message with an order tracking number? Just write to niky@jellyfish.cz, with the subject being your order number. You can find it in your profile. If you made the purchase without registration, just add your name as the subject and your question as the message.

  • The print was damaged after washing!

    Even if we’re surprised by it, it can sometimes happen. Even though 99% of our prints are almost non-fading, a ‘reject’ can appear. In this case, just send a photo of the washed product and we’ll automatically send a new one at our expense. However, we recommend washing at maximum 30 °C.

  • I found damage on the shirt

    Does a thread stick out of the T-shirt? Is there a small hole? Contact us by email at niky@jellyfish.cz with a photo of the damage and we’ll automatically send a new T-shirt at our expense.

  • The T-shirt has a defective print

    Is there a defective print on your T-shirt? Or is the shirt print visibly wrong? Send us an email at niky@jellyfish.cz with a photo of the print/damage and we’ll automatically send a new T-shirt at our expense.

  • s How do I take care of the goods?

    The best way to take care of a T-shirt is the same as of any other T-shirt that’s in your wardrobe. If you can, wash it inside-out and at 30 °C. However, if this fails, nothing serious should happen according to the suppliers. Both with the print and the T-shirt. This also applies to hoodies, tops, etc.

  • What are the sizes of T-shirts?

    The sizes of all products are described in the sizes table. You can open the table when selecting specific sizes or in the website’s left panel.

  • I haven’t added my phone or filled it in wrong. Can a courier find me?

    Nothing happens in the case of delivery by Czech Post. However, if the delivery is by PPL, GLS, UPS or Zásilkovna, it’s necessary to send us the phone to niky@jellyfish.cz with your order number or with your name at least, so that we can match it in the system.

  • I haven’t receive a confirmation email with the order

    This can also happen and it isn’t unusual. The server may not be 100%; the error may also be caused by clicking elsewhere by mistake. Just write us at niky@jellyfish.cz and we’ll re-send the email. Therefore, you’ll be able to keep track of your order.

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